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There is a $75 non-refundable processing fee to complete this application.

ISC Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Authorized Whirlpool Independent Service Contractor (ISC). We require the person completing this application to be the owner or an officer of the company

Please allow approximately twenty minutes to complete the application. Any information you provide may be kept on file. If you are not able to complete the application in a single session, any information you provide may be lost.

Are you a dealer? *

You previously indicated that you are a Whirlpool Authorized Dealer. Is this correct? *

What is your Trade Partner Sold-to-number? *

Distributor Name: *
My Account Number with the Distributor: *

Which of the Whirlpool Corporation Brands does your company sell? *

Are you willing to service products that a consumer purchased from another dealer? *

Whirlpool has several requirements all service companies must to be considered a candidate to become authorized. Review these requirements carefully and respond accordingly. We require all authorized service companies to purchase an annual subscription (at a minimum cost of $300 annually based on the number of technicians) to our technicial references including, but not limited to ServiceMatters.com and Tech-Line®. If authorized, do you agree to purchase the required subscription? *

Are you interested in performing In Warranty Service? *
Whirlpool Corporation provides warranty service free of charge to the customer to correct any defects in materials or workmanship for which Whirlpool is responsible. The extent of this responsibility will be stated in the printed warranty enclosed with each product. Whirlpool warranty service responsibility covers the Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Maytag, Jenn-Air, Amana, Roper, Estate and Coolerator brands.

Are you interested in performing Out of Warranty Service (Consumer Acquisition Referral Program)? *
Whirlpool Corporation provides out of warranty referrals at a fee to those companies who are part of the Consumer Acquisition Referral Program.

Are you interested in Product Exchange? *
Whirlpool may choose to replace, exchange, or offer a refund for a consumer’s appliance in order to achieve consumer satisfaction. Once the decision has been made by Whirlpool to replace a consumer’s product, a company will be selected to deliver the new product to the consumer in exchange for the consumer’s old product. This company is referred to as the Product Exchange (PEX) Company.

Are you interested in Home Delivery? *
Whirlpool provides service to deliver a seamless end-to-end customer experience to deliver new product to consumers.

We require any owner or employee of an ISC who will enter customers' homes to conduct and "pass" a nationwide, state, and local criminal and employment eligibility background screening. The results must be provided to Whirlpool prior to becoming authorized.

Do you agree to complete this requirement? *

We require all authorized ISC's to purchase and maintain (1) Commercial General Liability Insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence for Service, $3,000,000 per occurrence for Home Delivery, and Whirlpool must be listed as additional insured; (2) Automobile Liability Insurance; and (3) Worker's Compensation Acts Insurance coverage (when applicable). Additionally, ISC must provide a certificate of proof of insurance to Whirlpool.

If authorized, do you agree to maintain all required insurance? *

In addition, please review the remaining requirements and respond accordingly:

* ISC agrees to set up an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) direct deposit account and to accept EFT from Whirlpool for all payments due.

* All technicians employed by prospective ISC, who will perform in warranty service or out of warranty service on calls referred and/or dispatched by Whirlpool, must complete a technical competency assessment in order for said ISC to become an authorized Whirlpool ISC.

* Abide by all local and state applicable laws that require a license. It is the ISC's responsibility to meet Federal, State, and Local licensing laws, as well as all applicable EPA requirements for refrigerant recovery.

* Be licensed if required by state/local laws to do hard wire product exchanges (if exchanges are being performed).

* Agree to work in earnest to satisfy all Whirlpool customers and to notify Whirlpool of any issues that may cause customer dissatisfaction.

* Attend product training and/or participate in webcast meetings as announced.

* ISC must have computer with internet access to use for business purposes.

* You must be a legal representative of this company to submit the application.

Would you like to proceed with your application. *

Do you have an active account with a Parts Distributor? *
Please provide: *
Parts Distributor Name PD Account Number

The undersigned hereby applies to enter into an Independent Service Contractor Warranty Service Agreement and is providing the following information to Whirlpool Corporation for this express purpose. By signing this application, I acknowledge and maintain that all information is true and accurate. I also agree that if any information I provide is false and/or fraudulent, my Service Agreement may be terminated immediately.
Company Legal Name: *
Doing Business As Name:
Phone Number: *
Fax Number:
E-mail Address: *
Secondary Phone Number
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Type of Ownership: *

Owner's Current Home Mailing Address: *
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Zip Code *

Owner's Previous Home Mailing Address (if less than 5 years):
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Business Current Mailing Address: *
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Business Physical Address: * Same address as Business Mailing Address?:
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Business Previous Physical Address (if less than 5 years):
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Is the owner a technician for this company? *

Service Manager (if applicable):
E-Mail Address

Do you have any employees actively employed with Whirlpool? *

Do you have any family members actively employed with Whirlpool? *

Please list the name(s) and relationship(s) of all employees or family members who are employed by Whirlpool.
Name: Relationship: Name: Relationship:

Has the owner or company previously been a Whirlpool Corporation Independent Service Contractor? *

What Year
Previous Account Number:

Provide a brief reason why you are no longer an authorized Independent Service Contractor:

Whirlpool prefers to authorize servicers who are “full-line.” The following products/repairs are required to be considered full-line. Please check each product you service/repair offered: *

If you only service commercial laundry or perform these repairs in addition to those listed above please check the box below.

Whirlpool requires that you possess all required tools and supplies to carry out repairs on our products. If you have indicated that you are able to perform sealed system repairs, please indicate the tools you currently own.

*In addition, to the above, Whirlpool has selected R600a to replace R134a due to upcoming changes in government regulations. R600a is flammable so traditional soldering methods for repairs will be replaced with a new tool/process for sealed systems. R600a is a refrigerant grade isobutane that is flammable and can be ignited by heat, sparks, or flame. Traditional soldering methods used for sealed system repairs containing R134a cannot be used. Whirlpool has selected the LOKRING compression system.LOKRING, by Vulkan, has passed rigorous Product Hazard Material testing and is the only tool approved by Whirlpool Corporation for non-brazing sealed system repairs. The LOKRING Tube Connection System can be used on all types of sealed systems and refrigerants. Do you own LOKRING by Vulkan? *

Business Location: *

Do you operate your business from:

Please provide the name of the business management software used if applicable

How many technicians do you employ (including yourself if you also service appliances) *

Do your technicians wear uniforms? *

Are your technicians paid via: *

Does your company use pre-screening or pre-diagnostic skills before scheduling the service call? *

Electronic Signature - You must be a Legal Representative of this company to submit the application.
Full Legal Name: *
Date: (MM/DD/YYYY)

It is very important that you supply Whirlpool with complete and accurate information regarding the areas you service. If you become an Independent Service Contractor, you are agreeing to cover these zip codes for your negotiated rates listed on your Service Agreement. List all zip codes in which you provide service. Please separate each zip with a semicolon (;). * Example of valid zip code format : 30105;48455;79908;05457;

We determined the following zip code (s).....are eligible for service. Would you like to proceed? *

“You have exited the application process. The information in this application has not been saved. Thank you for your interest in becoming a Whirlpool Authorized Servicer.”